Booz Allen Hamilton


Booz Allen Hamilton

Design Strategy | Creative Direction | IA | UX/UI Design
2014 | Agency: Siteworx

After 100 years in business, Booz Allen Hamilton was in need of a brand refresh. We reintroduced their brand in a bold new way with a digital redesign and an immersive storytelling experience, all in just three months.


Project Goals

  • Present Booz Allen in a strikingly differentiated way online

  • Reflect Booz Allen strengths and growth platforms while retaining gravitas of their century of innovation

  • Provide content creators with a platform for narrative story telling


  • I conducted a Competitive Analysis of the top five competitors against information architecture, content strategy, and brand experience

  • I facilitated a Creative Workshop to define the creative vision, and align Booz Allen stakeholders

  • I wrote a Creative Brief and Content Prioritization to support the creative effort

  • Myself and three other designers created five unique Creative Concepts to communicate a dramatic shift in the brand experience

  • After cycles of content and design iteration, we built, tested and released experience on Adobe AEM against a highly complex browser/device matrix


  • Launched the experience in Q1 2015

  • Through the use of a reusable Component Library and a highly flexible “Story” template, we provided content authors with ultimate authoring flexibility while still maintaining the feeling of a highly polished editorial experience

  • Inbound traffic to the homepage over the 90 days following launch grew by over 25%

  • Created a substantial buzz internally at Booz Allen, which directly led to a significant promotion for our main POC


Creative Strategy

We kicked off the project with a Creative Strategy session, where we began to understand what led to the decisions for the redesign, the goals and intended outcomes were, and how we would get there. Following these initial conversations, I created a high-level Creative Strategy document to help us stay aligned on our goals and creative approach throughout the course of the engagement.


Content Definition & Prioritization

Prior to beginning our Creative Concepts, we collaborated with Booz Allen’s Communications Team to define the key content that would reside on both the Homepage and Story Template. I then created PDDs (Page Definition Diagrams) to illustrate each content type’s purpose and relative priority.


Initial Sketches


Final Designs


Global Navigation

Predictive Search

“Story” Template


Client Accolades

Team Siteworx — congratulations on a stunning victory. We have delivered an amazing experience that will help shape perceptions about Booz Allen...

We will certainly celebrate our shared victory in a proper way...but for now I want to offer our thanks, appreciation and admiration for what you have done. Tomorrow will be a big day for all of us. We can’t wait to hit the send button and invite our 22,000 employees to experience Booz Allen in a new way.
— Christine Campbell, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing

A special thanks to Ashleigh Stewart, Jerry Byrd, and Pupon Saiyasak for their contributions to the initial creative concepts.