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Derek Davis is a digital designer and entrepreneur, born and raised just west of Washington, D.C.

Derek began his design career in 2002 in the real estate industry, designing identity, direct-mail campaigns, and IDX-integrated websites for local brokerages and real estate agents.

In 2004, he founded his own digital agency and spent the next 8 years creating world-class applications and digital experiences for SMBs, non-profits and trade associations.

In 2012, Derek joined Siteworx, a digital experience agency in Reston, Virginia. As Lead Designer, he led several design engagements for Fortune 500 clients including Booz Allen Hamilton, Goldman Sachs, and Time Warner Cable. As Associate Creative Director, he led the 7-person, multi-disciplinary design team at HQ, while serving as the sole principal designer for new sales opportunities.

Today, through his digital agency, FORM, Derek consults with select high-impact organizations on product design, market fit, digital strategy, and Agile process definition and facilitation.

When Derek isn’t collaborating with clients and basking in the glow of 3,686,400 pixels, he is traveling the world, enjoying live music, practicing the drums, and spending quality time with friends and family.

You can view his resume, here.

Notable clients

Booz Allen Hamilton
DeVry University
Goldman Sachs
Mandarin Oriental
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Time Warner Cable




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